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Here are a few of the reviews we have had on social media

Karen Gibson, NI

I highly recommend this seller. The hand made items are well made and finished by a very talented lady. Correspondence is excellent as is the packaging and delivery time. Will definitely buy again.

Young Female

Molly Hilt, USA

I would recommend because everything is hand crafted and willing to make the costumer happy.

Elegant Female

Linda Morris, USA

So many fantastic items to choose from, they are all well crafted, and communication is crystal clear. I recommend shopping here for anyone who enjoys collecting beautiful and sleek jewellery and/or décor.

Serious Female

Genevieve Wardle, UK

What a talent! Bought a gorgeous hand painted clock which hangs above my desk adding a sparkle of colour to my office. I’ll definitely be perusing all the other items which all look equally as fab.

Olivia Lavigne, USA

I love this shop! I have been ordering custom made goods from here for years, one of their first customers actually. Everything made here is handcrafted with care, and fine attention to detail, which shows in the finished product. If you have any requests or questions, the response time is good, plus they are great at keeping you updated on progress. As an international customer, my orders have always been packed with care and arrived in reasonable time, and the cost of shipping has always been reasonable as well. My only big problem is, I don't have enough money to spend more here.

Female executive portrait

Taleah Wright, USA

Catori's Gift Shop has personalized items for anyone looking for that different one of a kind gift. Make it your own. Nothing says thoughtful like hand made gifts


The images do not represent the true customers behind the statements,

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