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Pottery Class

Catori's Gifts was created with many idea's in mind, however sharing their success with other Makers and Artists was high on the list. We have our resident makers / artists and Independent artists joining the team.

We are always looking to support other Makers and Artists.

A Place for Independent Makers & Artists

Inspecting a Ring

Caroline Hall

Creating comes from the Soul

Caroline is not only the Owner of Catori's Gifts / Catori's Prints but she is also the first maker and artist. 


Caroline likes to refer to herself as a mixed media artists  due to the mediums she works with. Caroline is our first Resident Artist and our leading recycling artist. The bottle works is her current pride and joy.

Joyce Wells

Joyce is our First USA Resident Artist, you can find her best work with our Wreaths. 
Joyce is expanding her skills on a regular basis, You will find more and more of her work 

You will be able to find Joyce as fairs and markets around the state of Virginia

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